Diet supplements for endurance athletes

By far more important than any known nutritional supplements to your sports career are the micro- and macro-nutrients —- real food. Still more important yet is that you learn how to integrate all of the technologies available to you in your quest of peak performance. That most certainly should include some of the following supplements:


Protein – OptiPRO M Adequate amounts of protein are necessary for both tissue repair and for the prevention of catabolization of muscle tissue. OptiPRO M provides an optimized amino profile with added glutamine and digestive enzymes in a great tasting easily mixable powder.

L-Glutamine – TAG
L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in our muscle tissue necessary for tissue repair and immune function. Glutamine, however, is hard for the body to absorb because of its molecular structure. TAG’s advanced multi-action peptide-bonded powder guarantees absorption and improves endurance, recovery and immune defense. TAG supports accelerated protein synthesis and helps counteract muscle deterioration known as catabolism.

Essential Fatty Acids
Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are “good fats”, which are essential for cardio-vascular health, their ability to inhibit prostaglandins which cause inflammation, neuro-transmitter function — memory, cognition, focus, and the prevention of neuro-degenerative diseases, the transport of hormones and the utilization of fat for energy. Ultra-high lignan flax oil and fish oils are good sources of these fats.

Daily Multi-Vitamins
While a good diet may in fact contain all the good things we need, many factors such as environment, stress, medication, age, gender, and race may destroy, impact or interfere with many vitamins and minerals. Even light, air, heat and water can destroy many vitamins. Studies have now shown supplementing with a good multi-vitamin substantially benefits your health. The best multi-vitamins are food based and should be taken in divided doses throughout the day.

Co-enzyme Q10 or Ubiquinone
CoQ10 is a natural fat-soluble nutrient present in virtually all of our cells and most abundant in the heart, which attests to its biologic significance. CoQ10 is vital to ATP production, which is used for all energy requiring processes in the body. A cell’s ATP production is dependent on adequate amounts of CoQ10. CoQ10 is also a powerful anti-oxidant and helps re-circulate other vital anti-oxidants.



Creatine – OptiATP
A new form of creatine containing the hydrating agent glycerol and lactic acid buffering phosphate. Phosphate is a well-known lactic acid buffering agent that has been used to enhance performance. Creatine aids in the production of creatine phosphate, the high-energy molecule used in maximal intensity exercise. Creatine phosphate also works to regenerate ATP. OptiATP has been specifically designed to support all aspects of cellular/muscular energy production for greater power, performance, and recovery for the anaerobic or aerobic athlete.

Oxydrene or Oxy Caps
A proprietary blend of the herbs clinically proven to increase oxygen saturation in blood and tissue increasing energy, stamina and endurance. Reduces catecholamines from ephedra products. Oxydrene maximizes your body’s ability to build muscle, reduce fat and increase performance. That’s why Oxydrene is often called “the secret weapon of winners.”

NO2 is a powerful performance enhancing hemodilator (blood oxygenator) which accelerates fast and slow twitch fibers providing complete full body recovery, increased power output and endurance.

Endurox Excel
This product is a strain of Siberian ginseng named Ciwujiia. It has been reported to increase fat utilization during exercise. As it is a ginseng it has been a beneficial effect on increasing stamina.

Liquid Liver Extract with Siberian Ginseng
Aids performance by increasing red blood cell count which in turn enables more oxygen to be transported and utilized. Liquid Liver is like nature’s Procrit (EPO).

This amino acid is vital for fatty acid utilization to produce energy. Some studies indicate it may improve VO2 Max at 4000mg/day. It is an excellent nutrient for the heart and is synergistic with coenzyme Q10. The recommended dosage is 4g.


Electrolyte replacement during exercise can vary as much as ten fold between two athletes. No other area of fueling can drop you out of the competition as quickly as electrolyte depletion or overdose. The risk of incorrect electrolyte dosing in a pre-mixed drink is high as too much fluid and too few electrolytes would mean bad news for your stomach, your muscles, and your performance. Sodium alone cannot effectively replenish electrolyte needs and may cause more problems than it resolves.

Endurolytes is an electrolyte replacement product that assures your of getting all the right minerals (sodium chloride, calcium chelate, magnesium chelate, and potassium chelate) in exactly the right balance. Endurolytes come in conveniently dosed capsules which can be swallowed or opened and mixed into your own water bottle.

Krebs Chelate Potassium/Magnesium
Can help prevent cramping when full electrolyte replacement is not necessary. Magnesium is necessary for cellular energy production. It aids in sparing potassium in the body and optimizes calcium utilization. It works synergistically with carnitine and coenzyme Q10. (Magnesium is a prevalent ingredient in the Maganosol creatine.)


Hydration/Recovery Drinks

The gold standard in hydrating drinks during exercise. Cytomax has proven to lower lactic acid level during and after exercise, stabilize power output during intense exercise, reduce perceived exertion, reduce oxygen consumption, and increase recuperation rate.

An excellent recovery drink for post-workout. Two recent studies demonstrate EnduroxR4 increases endurance up to 55% and decreases post-exercise muscle stress by 36%. The studies also show that it increases insulin levels by 70%, thereby aiding in glycogen replenishment and protein synthesis. EnduroxR4 also re-hydrates as effectively as other sports drinks.

Carbohydrate Gels/Powders

These products aid in delaying the onset of fatigue by providing an available source of carbohydrate to suppress glycogen usage. Studies from exercise physiology have shown that intake of carbohydrates during aerobic exercise can improve performance and prolong exercise endurance.

Hammer Gel
Hammer Gel stands alone in today’s glutted market of energy products. It’s made with long-chain complex carbohydrates for smooth, consistent energy release with only a trace of sugar as to not set off insulin spikes causing “sugar high” and “sugar crash.” Hammer Gel is an easily digested concentrated source of complex carbohydrates with amino acids added to enhance performance and prolong energy levels during intense training and competition. Drink it straight, dilute it or use it to flavor other components before, during or after exercise.

GU, Power Gel, CarbBoom may also be used, but contain more sugars and less long-chain carbohydrates that Hammer Gel.

Sustained Energy
Sustained Energy is a carbohydrate powder that contains a superior blend of complex carbohydrates, a precise amount of protein and a few carefully selected micro-nutrients that work synergistically to provide consistent long-lasting energy. Without any added flavors or sweeteners, it has a pleasant neutral flavor. May be mixed with Hammer Gel, Cytomax or OptiPRO M depending on carb/protein ratio desire.

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