Franco’s Lose Dat Team Weight Loss Challenge


Dr. Catherine Wilbert is thrilled to be the Nutritional Consultant for this years Franco’s Lose Dat Competition. Helping each participant reach their fitness goals and find new quality of life through health and nutrition is an exciting prospect for Catherine and she is hoping that it will be the first step in a long relationship in helping each and every one of you continue your journey to Vitality.

Catherine is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Nutrition Consultant, Culinary Nutritionist & nationally recognized wellness expert.  She is the owner of The Nutrition Company and Vitality Juice, Java and Smoothie Bar, Catherine prides herself on the fact that there is finally a place where healthy really does taste good.

As owner, president, and product developer for PhytoCeutical Formulations, Dr. Wilbert has also combined her nutritional and pharmaceutical knowledge with her experience as an athlete to formulate a unique line of nutritional products to provide specific nutritional results and broad ranging, multiple health benefits. PhytoCeutical Formulations products are sold in hundreds of stores across the United States and are in distribution nationally and internationally. Dr. Wilbert is the creator of Swerve™, all natural sugar alternative. Swerve™ is a revolutionary and truly unique sugar alternative that is unlike anything in the marketplace. Swerve™ is a all-natural sweetener that looks, tastes, measures, cooks and bakes just like sugar. It has zero calories, zero glycemic index, and is appropriate for diabetics along with any and everyone wishing to reduce their sugar intake for better weight management and better overall health.

5 thoughts on “Franco’s Lose Dat Team Weight Loss Challenge

  1. Susan Fischer

    I am a 57 year old woman, working out five days a week, twice a week with weight training, twice a week with cardio, three times a week with Pilates and once a week spinning. How much protein should I be consuming on a daily basis?

  2. Dr. C


    At the level that you are exercising, you can use the following as a general guideline:

    100 – 150grams of protein per day, broken up into (3) 25-30 grams per day meals & (2) 10-15 gram per day snacks.

    Keep up the great work!

    Dr. C

  3. Kelly R

    I have been using the OptiPro M and adding the CLA for 6 weeks now. Last week I noticed that every time I made a shake (with either frozen berries or coffee) I ended up with gas pains, gas, stomach cramping and irritable bowels. Is this common? I have 2 containers left and hate to stop using it but I’m not sure it’s worth being ill for several hours. What do you suggest?

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